STUFF7! 2019 Official Selection

November 16, 2018



Friday 11/16/18

STUFF Film Festival Official Selection





Devil's Path| Matthew Montgomery. Thriller 86 mins

Lost Gully Road| Donna McRae. Horror/Thriller 80 mins

Rich Kids| Laura Somers. Thriller/Drama 97 mins

The Good Exorcist| Josh Stifter. Comedy/Horror 86 mins

The Bateman Lectures on Depression| Scott Bateman. Documentary 78 min

Tejano| David Blue Garcia. Action/Thriller 90 mins

The Pupil | Alan Thornburg. Drama 71 mins




Documentary Shorts (91 mins)

Break the Camera| Jenna Sofia. USA 05:11

For Those Who Follow the Echoes| Nathan Felix. USA 13:30

OP-ID| Joshua David Matthews. USA 32:30

Rust Belt New Americans| Jessica Yochim. USA 24:15

The Maestro| Ned Phillips. USA 15:24


Narrative Shorts (105 mins)

Chocolate Queen| Mariusz Brozek. Canada 03:37

Companion| Andrew Greco. USA 23:11

Dead Man's Fuel| John Darbonne. USA 12:30

Deep In The Woods| Simon Messingham. UK 11:57

Heather Has Four Moms| Jeanette Buck. USA/UK 14:08

Malice| Daniel Autry. USA 20:03

Psycho Soliloquy| Matthew Thornton & Denise Thornton. USA 09:30

The Empty Woods| John Barnard. Canada 05:00

You Destroy Me| Julio Pereira & Leandro Scarpin. Portugal 05:00


Animation & Experimental Shorts (79 mins)

AQUA| Bogdan Mihailescu. Romania 07:14

Beth's three o'clock with Dr. Harlow| Emma Penaz Eisner. USA 02:06

Elisir, Aves, & Saturatiorem: A Triptych| Mireille Heidbreder. USA 04:54

FlyTrap| Connor Bland. USA 06:55

KALEIDSOCOPE| Gabriela Williams. USA 15:21

Little Skeleton| Jennifer Levonian. USA 01:30

Mata Laya Pata| Kevin Vu. Canada 12:00

Minds On Mute| Lander Haverals & Annick Timmermans. Belgium 09:00

Nini| Yingzong Xin. USA 05:10

Quiet, Walnut| Juana Robles. Switzerland 08:00

Tin Foil| Barnaby Nott. UK 07:15


Horror & Sci-Fi Shorts A (75 mins)

Disturbance| Ryan Worsley. USA 08:40

Double Exposure| Eli Luna. USA 04:12

HIM/SELF| Diarra Edwards. USA 11:01

Juice| Zoe Kissel. USA 10:20

KOALA, King of the Monsters!| Hikaru Tsukuda. Japan 01:59

Peep| Zachary Dehm. USA 08:21

Portrait(s)| Jonathan Zaurin. UK 16:00

Silverline Valentine| Brandon McDuffey. USA 14:23


Horror & Sci-Fi Shorts B (76 mins)

A/S/L| Benjamin Swicker. USA 07:25

Facade| Matt Rosenblatt. USA 09:41

GOTAS (DROPS)| Sergio Morcillo. Spain 15:00

Penny| Louisa Harris. UK 14:57

Quiver| Shayna Connelly. USA 13:41

What Metal Girls Are Into| Laurel Vail. USA 15:30


Hecho en Tejas Shorts A (76 mins)

Breaking Brokenness| Cedric Thomas Smith. San Antonio 21:40

Rio Secado| Alex Ramirez. San Antonio 14:05

Ruby Woo| Lucy Owens &Vincent Piccirilli . Austin 14:45

Silhouettes| Sarah Brill. Denton 10:00

West of Leona| Christopher James Thompson. Houston 15:00


Hecho en Tejas Shorts B (76 mins)

Origin| David Parrella. Austin 13:00

Pageant Perfect| Samantha McDanel. Denton 12:22

Ramona - This too shall pass| Rodrigo Moreno Fernandez. Brownsville 20:00

Stay| Jimmy Willden. Corpus Christi 15:00

Tempestad| Daniel E. García. Arlington 15:18


Welcome to STUFF Shorts (43 mins)

Kaestner Art Studio| Taylor Rae Carmona. Documentary 05:38

Lockstep| Pablo Schmitt. Narrative 10:00

Nacho Luego| Kerriyon Tillman. Documentary 05:48

No Laughing Matter: Tears of a Clown| E-Kan Soong. 09:00

Rabbithole| Dante Williams. Narrative 12:20


Misc Shorts

8 Conversations in 15 Minutes and 58 Seconds| Donald McKinney. 15:58

His World| Daewon Kim. Narrative 09:22

Spiders - A Love Story| Joseph Colmenero. 04:30


A Taste of STUFF Shorts (77 mins)

A Black Man in Zimbabwe| Roger Horn. South Africa 04:15

Blue Sweep| Jonathan Trevino. USA 07:07

Meatloaf| Larissa Garcia-Baab. USA 11:37

Mrs. Oldina Goes Shopping| Felipe M. Guerra. Brazil 08:24

One Day My Waste Will Consume My Home| David Mahler. Australia 05:03

R&R| Nicholas Thurkettle. USA 13:13

Red & Blue| Allison Mabe. USA 03:59

Suffocate| Cristina Gonzalez. USA 09:58

The Weeping Woman| Cynthia Bergen. USA 02:16

Verdurous| Liz Tabish. USA 05:25


Midnight STUFF (45 mins)

BFF Girls| Brian Lonano. 13:24

Dead Celebrities | Michael Fausti. 10:47

Dong Gone| jay bulckaert, Pablo Saravanja & Keating Smith. 05:30

Flag Day| Jackson Grabois. 10:00

Mother F*****| Nicholas Payne Santos. 06:03



Houston Film Commission's 2018 Texas Filmmaker's Showcase (95 mins)

Alternative Math| David Maddox. Dallas 09:00

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.


An Uncertain Future| Iliana Sosa & Chelsea Hernandez. Austin 11:00

In Austin, Texas, two expectant mothers—one undocumented and one US citizen—must contend with increased ICE raids and mounting hostility towards immigrants under President Trump.


The Backup Plan| Daniel Earney. Austin 26:48

When a down-on-his-luck single father faces eviction, he begins stealing catalytic converters to save his home.


Calling | Artemis Anastasiadou. Austin 15:45

Valeria, a Mexican American seamstress and mother of an intellectually challenged man is sexually assaulted one night by her employer. The film explores the next few hours after the event, the struggles of Valeria to take care of her son till she makes the final call.


Caroline | Celine Held & Logan George. Houston 11:52

When plans fall through, a six-year-old is faced with a big responsibility on a hot Texas day.


The Heights| Ryan Booth & Henry Proegler. Austin 22:00

A promising musical duo tries to avoid a meltdown before the biggest show of their career.


Liquid Soul| Allen Phillips & Trampas Smith. De Kalb 12:39

Heartbroken and high on huffing gasoline, a psychotic fuel tanker driver plots revenge on the girl that broke his heart, her whole family, and their dog.


More films to be announced later.


For more information on #STUFF and current Call for Entries

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