A Dozen More Animation Shorts Announcement #STUFF2015

September 17, 2015


Thursday 09/17/15

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South Texas Underground Film is pleased to announce a few more Animation Shorts Films selected to screen at the 2015 STUFF Film Festival taking place this November 30 - December 6, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas.


‘Three's a Crowd’ – Directed by Trevor Hardy – UK/12:29 mins

Ray is a single man, living in a block of flats in the UK.
Ray likes the single life, just himself to look after, his own time in his own flat, just himself and a good book. Next to Ray lives’, single mum Paula and her six year old daughter Sophie. All is fine until ‘Wayne’, Paula’s Ex Junkie boyfriend comes to the flat looking for trouble. Ray hears the situation that is arising from next door but should he ignore it or get involved?


 ‘Umbrella’ – Directed by Chua Wei Lun Brandon/Khoo Siew May/Tan Yin/Sharry Kwan Wei Xuan – Singapore/5:29 mins


A playful animated film that revolves around an umbrella superstition. A bubbly girl made a discovery and decided to go against her granny to save their world from drought!


‘40 Thoughts’ – Directed by Anselm Pyta – Germany/2:40 mins


The eternal turn of the wheel.


 ‘Sync’ – Directed by Beny Gross and Svetlana Oshrov - Gross – Israel/4:07 mins


SYNC tells the story of Edmond and Agatha. Edmond lives in sink, Agatha in the plumbing. Unknowingly they affect each other. The movie focuses on the encounter of two people with fundamentally different perspectives, who live in a co-dependent relationship. SYNC reflects a complicated relationship between partners who inspire and motivate each other with love and affection to overcome hardship. The relationship presented in the movie is influenced by Israel the place we live, our family backgrounds and our own individual experience.


 ‘Haiku 7:PULSE’ – Directed by Lyle Pisio – Canada/4:41 mins


A short stop-motion haiku about a drum troll struggling for freedom from his prison, while an artist works to free his muse.


‘Tethered’ – Directed by Kevin McNulty – USA/5:49 mins


'Tethered' is the story of one brave red balloon that sees the oppression for what it is and must find the courage to take a stand showing its fellow balloons the power has always been inside them.


 ‘Condo’ – Directed by Trevor Hardy – UK/2:52 mins


A short insight into how one 'Condo' resident's actions can affect everyone living there.


 ‘Cosmico’ – Directed by C.J. Lazaretti – UK/3:20 mins


From his privileged point of view in outer space, a jaded nobleman feeds off the spiritual energy of planet Earth. As he himself is watched from above, his overindulgent appetite pushes the boundaries of what his poor aristocratic frame can cope with, bringing dangerous consequences to the very fabric of space and time. Peoples of the Earth, beware of Duke Cosmico: you are what he eats.


 ‘Bears on the Road’ – Directed by Nadia Meezen – Netherlands/4:07 mins

Bears on the Road is a short animated film about Theo, who enjoys nothing more than driving around in his little yellow car. One day a bear on the road causes him to get in a car crash. After the accident a growing fear arises in Theo, that keeps him from getting back to his old life. The more he lets his fear take over, the more bears he starts seeing around him. When all his roads are blocked, he realizes he can't go on like this. He has to tame his inner bears in order to get his life back.

 ‘Haiku 4: STILL’ – Directed by Lyle Pisio – Canada/6:25 mins


In his kitchen, overgrown with plants and vines, Teagran keeps his dead father. Tormented by dreams, he tries several rituals to bring him back to life. From weaving a beard out of vines, to hunting down a wolf, Teagran tries everything he can to rid himself of the nightmares he is having and resurrect his dead father.


 ‘La Fleche Delta’ – Directed by Francesco Vecchi – Italy/9:00 mins


A bingo game in a medieval baptistery in the middle of a forest. A priest, some peasants and strange creatures try to win the first prize : a mini-plane. The whole story is accompagnied by the music of a carnival that takes place on the baptistery’s roof.




‘OCULE’ – Directed by Kris Ruff-Frederickson – Canada/6:10 mins


OCULE is a cutout animated film exploring the relationship between observer and observed and the power imbalances inherent therein. In quantum physics it's suggested that matter exists in multiple positions simultaneously until observed by a consciousness when it is fixed to a single point, creating an objective reality. A similar concept could be applied to social theory, where individuals may internally possess intricate and complex identities, yet be reduced to a single fixed role by the external observation of the culture in which they exist. OCULE explores this idea by using characters reduced to scrutinizing eyes who embody the Gaze, and by extension the power that the intangible act of Looking has in projecting a very tangible and often restrictive identity onto a passive subject.



More Short Film announcements coming soon.


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