Another Taste of STUFF Shorts and Features Announcement #STUFF2015

September 9, 2015


Wednesday 09/9/15

Announcement 007


South Texas Underground Film is pleased to announce a few more Features and Shorts Films selected to screen at the 2015 STUFF Film Festival taking place this November 30 - December 6, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas.


 ‘Max Peril’ – Directed by Frank Ladner – USA/96 mins


In an effort to finish a film before turning thirty, Riley Young documents and re-creates the bizarre but supposedly-true stories of a retired secret agent using local talent, a VHS camcorder, and every low-budget trick he knows.


 ‘Crow Hand’ – Directed by Brian Lonano – USA/2:32 mins


A Husband gets more than he bargains for when he picks up a mysterious crow totem off the ground, much to his Wife's chagrin.


‘Take Me With You’ – Directed by Chris Joslin – USA/22:54 mins


Jake is a New York club DJ who has become disillusioned by his lack of success. The sudden, unexplained death of his roommate leaves him questioning his own existence, and sets him on a journey of self-discovery.


 ‘Phoenix’ – Directed by Florian Frerichs – Germany/12:10 mins


In the tradition of science fiction like “Fahrenheit 451″ or „Brave New World“, “Phoenix“tells the story of a man coming to his senses after a young woman makes him realize the true nature of the world they are living in.


 ‘Technicolor Angst’ – Directed by Ketchup Freeland – USA/14:49 mins


Two bad bitches live in a psychedelic funhouse of their own design, during the apocalyptic period of the present day, and spend their time raging and philosophizing about the current state of the world. Until one of them decides to leave. The remaining bad bitch gets a new roommate, a basic bitch, who is unconcerned with humanity's looming dark fate. As the basic's every word and action unhinges our heroine and makes her pine for her absent bestie, can she hang on to being kind with an apocalyptic mind?


 ‘Pregnant Man’ – Directed by Charlie Mars – France/15:40 mins


After falling pregnant, a man suffers many kinds of pressure : external and internal. Unless quite the opposite is true...


 ‘Selfie’ – Directed by Geoff Harmer – UK/6:49 mins


A woman is haunted by a mysterious figure in her selfie photos.


 ‘Good Hands’ – Directed by Francisco Bendomir – Argentina/5:40 mins


A young couple makes the unfortunate mistake of leaving their baby in the hands of a teenager.


‘Knight's Fall’ – Directed by Josh Tuthill – USA/7:00 mins


A knight awakens in limbo, and is sent on a quest to regain his humanity.


‘Augustine’ – Directed by David Neptune/David Ury – USA/9:11 mins


A group of kid's visit the cabin of a recently deceased toy maker to find that his toys are still very much alive.


‘DEAD AIR’ – Directed by Lyndon Horsfall – Canada/9:49 mins


It's the last night for punk radio show "Dead Baby Syrup," and when a fan drops by the station and convinces DJ Eve St. Tilley to play his record, all hell breaks loose!


‘HIMIKO THE GODSLAYER vs. THE DAEMON LEGION OF AZURE DRAGONS’ – Directed by Hikaru Tsukuda – Japan/5:13 mins


Kyoto, Japan. The guardian Gods who protect the four quarters suddenly revolt against human beings! To save the world, a Godslayer, Kaguraoka Himiko, takes action.


‘The Platinum Plan’ – Directed by Chris Pickenpaugh – USA/5:10 mins


"An incident. A policy. A strange, seductive option..."


‘Potty Mouth’ – Directed by Darren Langlands – UK/6:31 mins


Charlie is in for a rude shock when he goes to the bathroom.



More Feature and Short Film announcements coming soon.


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