South of the Border Short Film Block Announcement #STUFF2015

September 2, 2015


Wednesday 09/2/15

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South Texas Underground Film is pleased to announce the South of the Border short film block selected to the 2015 STUFF Film Festival taking place this November 30 - December 6, 2015 in Corpus Christi, Texas.


‘Goes and Runs’ – Directed by Manuel Rodarte – Mexico/9:00 mins


The Reaper had lost her mystic watch and makes a bet with an old widower trying to recover it. The widower, in exchange of a last wish is going to finish a game that began long time ago between his death wife and the Reaper.


 ‘My Eyes - Mis ojos’ – Directed by Jorge Reyes – Mexico/5:00 mins


Once upon a time there was an old woman who had a doll which she loved like her eyes. One day his wrist was lost and the little old lady went to look for it, initiating a fantastic and mysterious adventure.


 ‘The Death of the Artists’ – Directed by Robert De Viar – Mexico/6:50 mins


A young musician and a frustrated painter meet by chance and then start exchanging their experiences as artists and the misfortunes they confront day by day.


 ‘Evil Mexican Child’ – Directed by Michael Noonan – Mexico/8:00 mins


In the middle of the Mexican desert, an unsuspecting couple discover a strange child with terrifying powers.


‘I Was A Miner’ – Directed by Edgar Omar Alejandro Gutierrez Neri – Mexico/10:04 mins


The story narrates how Mineral de Pozos, once a mining town, has its decadence due to the fact that the mining industry goes away, this story is told by Don Raymundo the last miner of Pozos, who beside being native of this place, allows us to know how this affected his personal life and as miner.


 ‘Bang! Bang!’ – Directed by Alejandro Castro Cisneros – Mexico/5:32 mins


Alitos, a 6 year old, goes to the doctor to get the cast from his hand, which he has been using for months, removed. After taking it off, he discovers that he has the ability to shoot with his hand like if it was a revolver. From this moment on, Alitos attempts to recover the lost playtime. How will Alitos use his power? Which will be the consequences? Bang! Bang!, a story of innocence and charm where reality and imagination collide.


‘Inferno’ – Directed by Ángel López – Mexico/2:33 mins


Guilt is a Bitch.


‘Fixing Rituals’ – Directed by Shandor Barcs – Mexico/17:00 mins


During a family conflict, Montserrat announces her intentions of moving out. This argument evolves and takes us on a trip into the private world of each family member: an absent father, an over-bearing mother, a substitute mother figure, and a daughter who debates between comfort and freedom.


 ‘The Other’ – Directed by Eduardo Rocha – Mexico/9:51 mins


A cold, surrealistic and windy morning will show their true soul to worker 11811


 ‘Shades’ – Directed by  Saul Masri – Mexico/5:00 mins


Jacobo, an old man, waits every day for an opponent to play chess. He meets Enrique. They discover they have a lot in common and unmask a history with two different sides. As time passes they will find out how connected they are.


 ‘The Solitude’ – Directed by Saul Cantero – Mexico/12:30 mins


Javier is a street artist who presents a show of ventriloquism with Chuy, a wooden puppet who chose not to speak again.
This complicate the show and their friendship, making them reflect on life itself.


 ‘A Fairy Tale’ – Directed by Vadir Sottelo – Mexico/5:43 mins


Tanya is babysitting Amanda while reading her a fairy tale that will end up scaring them to death.


 ‘A Bedtime Story’ – Directed by Sergio Ruvalcaba – Mexico/3:38 mins


A woman wakes up in the dark of night without knowing that his nightmare is about to begin. During the next few minutes she will be the victim of a ghost whit the only mission of torture her of fear for his own amusement.



‘Naolinco and the colors of the dead’ – Directed by Clara Trevia/Joaquin Paez Rivero – Brazil/19:31 mins


During the week of "Dia de Muertos" the streets of Naolinco (Veracruz, Mexico) gradually gain colors and scents. Among regional dishes, incenses and flowers, the town focuses on one of their most important days of the year. Once more the meet with their beloved souls.


More Short Films and other Film announcements coming soon.


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